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Cursed City - Nightwars

15th Sep 2022

When Games Workshop announced Warhammer Quest - Cursed City, it reminded me of Mordheim, a game I really liked the aesthetic of, but never got to play. This being a Warhammer Quest game it would be one with a strong narrative, and there was promise of expansions, just like Blackstone Fortress had. When Cursed City was released it sold out fast, and they changed their messaging. It was then claimed it was always going to be a limited release. People were shocked, and there was a lot of speculation about what went on. Shortly after we then saw new miniatures released for Soulblight Gravelords…

Warhammer+ Year Two

24th Aug 2022

A year ago, Games Workshop introduced the world to Warhammer+: a subscription service that featured plenty of Warhammer-based videos being released on a weekly basis. As an extra incentive they introduced two miniatures that are exclusive to subscribers - one of which you get for free. In the first year the choice was between an Imperial assassin, and an Ork. The assassin was the obvious choice for me, but I also liked the ork so eventually bought that one too.

This year, Games Workshop have announced for Year Two

Da Red Gobbo and Bounca

29th Dec 2021

When Games Workshop announced Da Red Gobbo and Bounca for this year's festive-themed miniature, I knew I had to do another diorama. The first thing that sprung to mind was that they should be on a roof and throwing the dynamite down a chimney. This idea expanded out to include some of the walls below the roof to give more context, and then after the miniature of the month on November was revealed to be a squig I had the idea of using this on the same diorama, but that its rider has fallen off, face-planting in the snow. The first step was to figure out the sizes - I wanted it on a display plinth…

A Very Citadel Christmas

6th Nov 2021

Since Games Workshop launched its Citadel Miniatures, releasing a Christmas model has been something of a tradition. This started in 1981 with a Mail Order exclusive Father Christmas, and in the following years we saw a slew of miniatures that riffed on the character of Santa Claus, with Space Santa and Sanity Claws (a character based on their Call of Cthulhu RPG) to name a couple. Sometimes, such as in the case of Sanity Claws, they tied in with products lines that were launched that year.

After the 80s finished, it seems this tradition disappeared into the darkest depths of the Underhive.…

Future of the War of the Ring

24th Aug 2021

I'm a big fan of Middle Earth, so it should come as no surprise that every release that Games Workshop have done for its Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game is one that interests me greatly. At Ardacon 2021, they have announced a number of new miniatures, and a couple of new books, but what really catches my eye are the two new pieces of terrain. It feels like these are almost celebrating the 20th anniversary of the theatrical release of Fellowship of the Ring, and the release of the first Lord of the Rings strategy game from them.

Kill Team: Octarius

10th Jul 2021

Although I've been in the hobby for over 20 years, it wasn't until a couple of years ago I actually started playing games of Warhammer with my introduction being via Kill Team. This is one of those really fun skirmish games you can dive into, learn the ropes, and try out different forces to see what you like. Tempted by Orks, just buy a handful of models, no need for an army, and dive right in. It's also handy that the games can be quite quick as well due to the (usually) fewer units on the table.

Pre-order Soulblight Gravelords

15th May 2021

Once upon a time, I was an avid collector of the undead. These were the days of the world-that-was in Warhammer, when you could get a big army box filled with skeletons that could be armed in all sorts of ways, and also came with skeleton horses and chariots. I made the mistake of getting rid of them all when I went University, and missed out on releases such as the Tomb Kings and even the first edition of Age of Sigmar. When I returned to the hobby, there wasn't quite the undead I wanted, so I found other miniatures to paint instead, the Seraphon in particular. Now, Games Workshop are reinforcing…

Warhammer Fest 2021 Day 6 - Hunt the Enemies of Sigmar

8th May 2021

There were so many options for what today's reveals could be. Could it be Age of Sigmar v3.0? Could we get to see some more of The Old World? Or, could the Thunderhawk Gunship in Adeptus Imperialis be a bluff, and we actually get to see a full-sized one today? I also pondered whether they'd announce something like Hasbro Pulse, where they announce big projects to gage interest, and it's only produced if enough people commit to buying it. Through that we've seen releases such as a new HeroQuest (I'll review this when it's out), and Jabba's Sail Barge. Could something like this work for Games…

Warhammer Fest 2021 Day 5 - Warhammer 40,000

7th May 2021

During the lead-up to Warhammer Fest we saw a number of graphics hinting at what we'd get to see during this week. So, as long as these hints continued to be accurate then it meant for tonight's Warhammer 40,000 reveal night we'd be seeing some Orks. The closer the time got, the less subtle their hints got! Waaarghh! So, the night started off with an Ork-y video introducing the beast snaggas.

We saw a couple riding squigs and a couple of the other models back in April, but now we got to see the new savage army for starters. From the sounds of it there may be new additions in the near…

Warhammer Fest 2021 Day 4 - Boxed Games

6th May 2021

For the first two days of Warhammer Fest we got the vampires we expected, and then got the new Sisters that were expected. Both of them had been teased during the lead-up through the advertising material that had been on social media. One of the other pieces said 'No Goliaths' so it seemed obvious that today would feature at least some Necromunda. From the roadmap we've seen previously we knew Q2 would be House of Faith, and we saw a preview of that before, and Q3 will be House of Shadows leaving Q4 as a mystery…