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Warhammer+ Year Two

24th Aug 2022

A year ago, Games Workshop introduced the world to Warhammer+: a subscription service that featured plenty of Warhammer-based videos being released on a weekly basis. As an extra incentive they introduced two miniatures that are exclusive to subscribers - one of which you get for free. In the first year the choice was between an Imperial assassin, and an Ork. The assassin was the obvious choice for me, but I also liked the ork so eventually bought that one too.

This year, Games Workshop have announced for Year Two

HeroQuest - The Mage of the Mirror and the Rogue Heir of Elethorn

4th Aug 2022

After HeroQuest was updated and released around the time of the pandemic, I never expected it to keep on going. I thought it was a 'one and done'. However, when I caught sight of the Frozen Horror expansion I found that I'd already missed a small release which had been used to test the waters. The demand for that has been massive, and if the most recent news is anything to go by, it sounds like pre-orders for The Frozen Horror have been a success as well. Avalon Hill have announced two new releases!

The first of these is a character release called Rogue Heir of Elethorn which includes…