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Future of the War of the Ring

24th Aug 2021

I'm a big fan of Middle Earth, so it should come as no surprise that every release that Games Workshop have done for its Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game is one that interests me greatly. At Ardacon 2021, they have announced a number of new miniatures, and a couple of new books, but what really catches my eye are the two new pieces of terrain. It feels like these are almost celebrating the 20th anniversary of the theatrical release of Fellowship of the Ring, and the release of the first Lord of the Rings strategy game from them.

Kill Team: Octarius

10th Jul 2021

Although I've been in the hobby for over 20 years, it wasn't until a couple of years ago I actually started playing games of Warhammer with my introduction being via Kill Team. This is one of those really fun skirmish games you can dive into, learn the ropes, and try out different forces to see what you like. Tempted by Orks, just buy a handful of models, no need for an army, and dive right in. It's also handy that the games can be quite quick as well due to the (usually) fewer units on the table.

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Dominion

29th May 2021

Today, Games Workshop don't just have their usual slew of preorders (that includes a fantastic new Kroak model), but a reveal stream for the new edition of Age of Sigmar. In less than an hour before the show started they revealed some artwork that suggested it may be a reveal of the hobgoblin species that was one of the rumoured possibilities for being boxed alongside the new Thunderstrike Stormcast Eternals minis. What we got are the Kruleboyz Orruks.

WAAAGH! and Order

26th May 2021

Smoke rose from the charred and twisted remains of the once mighty space hulk that had crashed into the planet. Amongst the cloud of dust drifting across the surface, the mangled remains barely resembled the spacefaring wreck it had once been. Green-skinned bodies were strewn for miles around the impact crater and beyond like morbid confetti mangled around hulking metal shards. It was an almost sorrowful sight for Glumgasha. Not because they were dead, but because they’d not died in battle against each other or an enemy. This was the worst sort of death for an ork. It didn’t satisfy…

Kickstarter: Redgrass Wet Palette 2

21st May 2021

If you're into miniatures, chances are, you also paint them. I've mostly used a dry, ceramic palette for preparing paints on, but a wet palette is something that has interested me for a couple of years. I went as far as buying an Army Painter one, but so far have not dared to try it. I've heard people say that the water can start smelling off pretty quickly, and that doesn't sound pleasant at all. I did then hear though that some are designed to prevent that, I believe using copper or something similar as an anti-microbial. Around this time I got an email from Kickstarter suggesting I'd be interested…

Hobby Fest 2021 - Golden Poxling Winners

16th May 2021

During Nerd Princess' Sunday afternoon stream, the second half was the announcement of the Golden Poxling winners. This is a very different painting competition to what you'd usually see, and is designed to be inclusive. It's not about how well you paint, it's about your ideas and this means everyone can get involved no matter how new to the hobby you are. I think there's something really special about that, and it has more of a community feel to it.

If you go over to the Hobby Fest Instagram account, they've got photos of all the winners,…

Pre-order Soulblight Gravelords

15th May 2021

Once upon a time, I was an avid collector of the undead. These were the days of the world-that-was in Warhammer, when you could get a big army box filled with skeletons that could be armed in all sorts of ways, and also came with skeleton horses and chariots. I made the mistake of getting rid of them all when I went University, and missed out on releases such as the Tomb Kings and even the first edition of Age of Sigmar. When I returned to the hobby, there wasn't quite the undead I wanted, so I found other miniatures to paint instead, the Seraphon in particular. Now, Games Workshop are reinforcing…

Hobby Fest 2021 Day 1

14th May 2021

Hobby Fest is off to a great start; Frankie, Krystal, and James have done a great job of putting together a line-up that has something for everyone. It started off with the Nerd Princess stream where we got to see what the prizes would be for the various categories of the painting competition. Frankie has really outdone herself there, it looks like the winners are in for a real treat with some classics such as the Warhammer Siege book! It was a stream filled with so much chat from people excited for what the next few days would have in store for them. There were cheers, and gifted subscriptions…

Hobby Fest 2021 Schedule

14th May 2021

Last weekend it was WarhammerFest, their first attempt at doing this virtually. This turned out to be 6 days of new product reveals, taking around thirty minutes a day. It's nice they were able to do something, and the reveals were good, but it was missing the community side of it. If only there was a community run event that would get people together to celebrate their favourite hobby virtually… oh, there is!

The time has finally come for Hobby Fest, an event organised by Nerd Princess, MJG…

Batman Miniatures

11th May 2021

The boardgame and miniatures world has changed so much since the early days. There are now so many games out there, and so many companies producing miniatures. So, it shouldn't really come as a surprise that some can pass you by without noticing them. This was the case for me and the Batman miniatures game which uses 35mm scale miniatures. There is already a third edition titled "Back to Gotham" which comes with Batman, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Harvey Bullock, 4 cops, and 6 thugs. It also comes with cards,…