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HeroQuest - The Frozen Horror

By David G. Paul · 13th Jul 2022 · 2 minutes read

HeroQuest was one of the first boardgames I ever owned myself. When Avalon Hill worked with Hasbro to re-release it with updated miniatures I jumped at the chance to get it. Whilst back then Hasbo Pulse wouldn't allow UK backers, it was brought to the UK through Zavvi. I received my copy last year, and even though I've not yet been able to play it, it's one of those I can't wait to play. I got the Mythic Edition, and this also included the first two expansion packs:

  • Return of the Witch Lord
  • Kellar's Keep

These included models, scenarios, and new tiles which would extend the gameplay beyond what the main game contains. Back in the day when the original came out, these weren't the only two expansions. Lesser seen ones were:

  • Adventure Design Kit (Europe)
  • Against the Ogre Horde" (Europe)
  • Wizards of Morcar (Europe)
  • The Frozen Horror (AKA Barbarian Quest Pack) (North America)
  • The Mage of the Mirror (AKA Quest Pack for the Elf) (North America)

The two North American quest packs included female versions of the titular heroes. Now, Avalon Hill and Hasbro are released 'The Frozen Horror' with updated miniatures for the modern version of HeroQuest.


Revisit and delve deeper into the rich story of the HeroQuest dungeon crawling adventure game. With the Frozen Horror expansion, players must destroy the evil Frozen Horror, a ferocious creature long banished, but has now returned to its ancient seat of power, and awaits Zargon's summons. The powerful Barbarian must survive dangerous solo quests and only then will fellow heroes join him. Immerse yourself in the fantasy with the stunning artwork, 21 detailed miniatures, full-color tiles, and 10 exciting quests not seen in the initial HeroQuest Game System. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to play. Sold separately.) The game has limitless replayability, and you can also build their own quests and create their own stories. Gather friends together for an exciting night of tabletop gameplay in an epic battle of good and evil. The game is for 2-5 players, ages 14 and up.

This expansion comes with:

  • Quest book containing 10 quests,
  • 21 finely detailed miniatures (Frozen Horror, Barbarian, 12 Mercenaries, 3 Ice Gremlins, 2 Polar Warbears, 2 Yetis),
  • 2 dungeon doors,
  • 35 game cards,
  • 3 cardboard tile sheets,
  • 6 combat dice,
  • movement dice,
  • pad of character sheets,
  • and instructions.

So far, pre-orders are being taken from Hasbro Pulse (stating November shipping), Zavvi and Forbidden Planet (stating September shipping), and Amazon UK currently says it's out of stock. Whilst it's priced at £37.99, this doesn't seem too bad considering the number of miniatures this includes, and the work that has gone into producing this.


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