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Warhammer Day 2021 Miniatures

By David G. Paul · 23rd Oct 2021 · 1 minute read

For Warhammer Day 2021, Games Workshop are releasing two special miniatures. The first of these is a Primaris Lieutenant With Storm Shield - because we don't have many Primaris Lieutenants yet, so obviously it's about time we got another. This one looks similar in design to those from the Indomitus boxset, and is standing with one hand on his Storm Shield. As it happens, when the Warhammer Imperium partworks was released in the UK, I customised mine into a very similar pose!


This one is only available for purchase in-store at Games Workshop stores across the country. There is however a second Warhammer Day miniature available which will also be available online from their website, and is already up for pre-order from FLGSs such as Wayland Games. This one is the Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorian - the perfect addition to any Soulblight Gravelord armies out there. This one is known to have two variations you can build - one holding a stick, and one holding a little, tiny, dragon. So obviously we'll all be building it with the dragon, who wouldn't?!

Whilst I'm tempted to buy yet another Primaris Lieutenant, I've already ordered Anasta as I think she'll fit in alongside the Crimson Court (from Warhammer Underworlds) very well.

You can pre-order Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorian from Wayland Games for £16.70.


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