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Review: HeroQuest Game System

20th Nov 2021

All the way back in 1989, American board game manufacturer Milton Bradley partnered with a smaller, lesser-known English company named Games Workshop to create a Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy board game using miniatures. There were already big, complicated fantasy role-playing games out there, D&D itself had been around since 1974, and what HeroQuest aimed to be was something simpler and more accessible. The game was such a success that it spawned a number of expansions, a video game, and later Advanced HeroQuest which was a sequel with individual tiles to allow for unique dungeons, and introduced…

Review: Citadel Colour Spray Stick

14th Apr 2021

When Games Workshop announced their spray stick, I did wonder to start with whether it was a practical joke. It wasn't April 1st, so it did seem to be real, but with my existing method of using a box to spray in, I didn't have a need for this. Much later, once lockdown in the UK was relaxed, I visited the local store and decided to get one of these as part of the spend needed to get one of their monthly coins (technically medals as they're not legal tender). It was an on-the-spot decision, thinking that it would be worth trying out when priming my newly purchased Battle Sister squad. My line…